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Type 0 Transfers are deprecated

  • Type 0 Transfers will not be accepted on the Solar Network mainnet starting at height 5,000,000* ❌
  • Type 6 Transfers should be used from now on ✅

  *exchanges should continue to detect and accept legacy (type 0) transfers for the time being

See the updated transaction type here: Transfer (Type 6)

Changes since 4.2.1

New features

  • only votes for online block producer nodes are permitted to enter the pool
  • resignation revocation requires an online block producer node


  • webpack has been updated from 5.73.0 to 5.80.0
  • postgres is started regardless of connection state
  • multiple API service enhancements have been implemented
  • the swap plugin now permits voting contingencies and service deprecation
  • milestones for mainnet and testnet have been updated

Upgrade instructions

Please update your mainnet nodes with the following command:

solar update