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How to Register or Resign a Block Producer?

Register as a Block Producer

Registering as a block producer is a simple transaction. It provides network nodes with a record of the sending address opening itself to accept votes from other wallets via a registered username. You can only vote for an address that was registered in this fashion.

  1. Click on the circle on the top-right
  2. Click on "Block Producer Registration"
  3. Enter your mnemonic or encryption password
  4. Minimum fee for block producer registration is 75 SXP!


For more information about fees, please visit: Transaction Fees

Resign your Block Producer

"Block Producer Resignation" is a transaction type being offered in Solar Core that gives block producers the ability to either temporarily or permanently resign and exclude themselves from the block producer rankings. Only a temporary resignation can be revoked by submitting a Resignation Recovation transaction.

  1. Open the Solar Desktop Wallet and select the vertical ellipsis icon next to the right of the send button.
  2. Select the dropdown menu under Registration and select "Resign Block Producer"
  3. Enter your wallet’s mnemonic (or password if you are using encrypted option) and confirm the transaction.
  4. Refresh your wallet and you will see that after the next round of forging, your block producer will be marked resigned and no longer counted in the active block producer rankings (top 53).