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4.1.1 Nebula

Time critical update

This new release will activate a fork after block height 1,812,866 (estimated at around 12th September 2022 at 17:00 UTC).

Changes since 4.0.3

New features

  • automatic allocation of 5% of forging rewards for foundation funding following a governance vote on the issue
  • events are emitted when delegate vote state changes
  • new /blockchain/search api endpoint added to search the blockchain easily
  • rolling 30 day productivity statistics are shown on the api
  • support for bls12-381 has been added
  • websocket api and websocket event subscriptions service introduced

Bug fixes

  • better vote balance handling if there is no balance
  • destructive snapshot actions cannot execute while core is running
  • fork resolution checks no longer hold up the process queue
  • htlc fee handling now works as expected
  • multiple api bug fixes
  • only unicast ip addresses are accepted as peers
  • rollback edge cases are now handled better
  • state machine transitions are handled consistently


  • block deletion on rollback is more efficient
  • database configuration has been tuned
  • database indexes have been added for better optimisation
  • delegate usernames are used instead of the generator public key
  • delegates.json now stores hexadecimal private keys instead of plain passphrase secrets
  • legacy upstream code has been removed
  • much code cleanup
  • transaction handlers now have a consistent implementation
  • transaction sender addresses are used instead of the public key
  • various dependency changes

See all of the changes here:

Upgrade instructions

  • If you are a delegate, please be aware that this update will perform a destructive modification to your delegates.json file, overwriting your delegate passphrase(s) with their hexadecimal private key equivalents. Please make sure you have your passphrases backed up somewhere safe prior to updating to Core 4.1.1 because you will not be able to retrieve your passphrase(s) from delegates.json anymore.

  • Also, you should update your primary node BEFORE updating any backups.

Note that this is not the usual solar update command!

Please update your mainnet nodes now with the following command:

wget -4O- | bash