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Delegate Resignation

TypeGroup Type
1 7

A 'Delegate Resignation' transaction allows a delegate to resign temporarily or permanently. If ranked in the top 53 Delegates, the delegate will be removed from their forging position immediately.

A 'Permanent Resignation' is for delegates who wish to permanently retire their position as a delegate on the Solar Network. Once resigned permanently, a delegate cannot reinstate their candidacy.

API Endpoints Link
AJV Schema Base | Delegate Resignation


    "version": 3,
    "network": 63,
    "typeGroup": 1,
    "type": 7,
    "nonce": "9",
    "senderPublicKey": "034151a3ec46b5670a682b0a63394f863587d1bc97483b1b6c70eb58e7f0aed192",
    "fee": "0",
    "asset": {
        "resignationType": 1




Key Pos. Size
Header Flag: [0] 1 0xff
Version: [1] 1 0x03
Network: [2] 1 0x3f
TypeGroup: [3] 4 0x01000000
Type: [7] 2 0x0700
Nonce: [9] 8 0x0900000000000000
SenderPublicKey: [17] 33 0x034151a3ec46b5670a682b0a63394f863587d1bc97483b1b6c70eb58e7f0aed192
Fee: [50] 8 0x0000000000000000
Memo Length: [58] 1 0x00
Resignation Type [59] 1 0x01

Resignation types

Resignation Type Value Description
Temporary 0 Resign only for a short time. Delegate will be removed from forging. (the default when no resign type is declared)
Permanent 1 Irreversible. Delegate will no longer be allowed to receive votes or forge.
Revoke 2 Reverses a temporary resignation.