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Release 3.3.0

Time critical update

This new release will activate new milestones at block height 671,988 (estimated at around 30th May 2022 at 00:00 UTC).

Changes since 3.2.5

New features

  • automatic allocation of 5% of forging rewards for development funding following a governance vote on the issue
  • bip340 schnorr signatures now used for improved security and less technical debt
  • empty but valid wallets now show as empty wallets rather than returning an error via the api
  • last block id string is now returned in the delegate attribute and in the api rather than the whole block
  • more hashing algorithms included for hashed timelock contract transactions for better interoperability
  • new voters attribute added to the api response for delegates to show how many voters each delegate has
  • p2p port of a node can now be freely changed without any problems
  • memo is now supported in every transaction type

Bug fixes

  • correct fee burning database index is now dropped
  • last block data is correctly updated in the delegate attribute following a rollback
  • more resilient fork recovery
  • updater reruns pnpm install after building to resolve some dependency issues


  • added filtering by transaction version to the swagger page on the api
  • block headers now only include specific properties
  • blocks are now broadcasted to all peers rather than just a few
  • blocks are only broadcasted if there are >= 2 seconds remaining in the slot
  • core transaction handlers have been unified
  • delegate name now used in the vote attribute rather than the public key
  • legacy code removed or fixed where appropriate
  • multisignature registrations reactivated and no longer use participant signatures in the registration transaction
  • peers are always polled for blocks in case a node does not receive a block normally
  • removed the incompatible transaction handler inherited from upstream code as it does not apply here
  • serialised vote payloads no longer have 0xff padding in v3 transactions for the delegate name
  • upstream wallet support is now removed due to breaking changes in core
  • voting using the public key asset is disabled in v3 transactions

Update instructions

Note that this is not the usual solar update command!

Please update your mainnet node with the following command.

solar plugin:update @alessiodf/rocket-boot && solar rocket:purge --force && solar update