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Please read the information on this page carefully. You need a Solar Wallet address to perform the swap from ERC20/BEP20 SXP to Mainnet SXP. Visit our official website to download the latest Solar Desktop Wallet.

Swap procedure

This guide is meant for users that have their ERC20/BEP20 SXP tokens in the Metamask Wallet.

Read the instructions below to swap your ERC20/BEP20 SXP tokens to Mainnet SXP coins:

  1. Create a mainnet address using the Solar Desktop Wallet or click here to learn more about creating wallets.
  2. Make sure to securely store your passphrase with additional backups. Do not share this passphrase with anyone.
  3. Make sure to have the SXP tokens (BEP20 or ERC20) in your MetaMask wallet with gas to cover the fees for the swap.
  4. Visit the Swap Website and make sure that you are visiting the right domain. 4
  5. Connect to your MetaMask Wallet and click next.
  6. Select the network where you are holding your SXP tokens and click next. 6
  7. Enter the amount of SXP you wish to swap. You can try with a low amount and swap more later. 7
  8. On the next page, enter your wallet address from the Solar Desktop Wallet. The mainnet SXP address starts with an S and is 34 characters long. 8
  9. Click next after you've filled in your SXP mainnet wallet address. From this point, it won't be possible to recover your assets if you fill in the wrong address.
  10. Double check the details on this page and click on the "Approve Swap" button. You will now be asked to confirm the transactions which sends the tokens to a specialised contract. 10 Wait. Do not close this page. You are not done yet.
  11. A new button will be available. Click on the button that says "Swap Now" and finalise the swap by confirming and signing the Swap transaction. 11 11-2
  12. The swap is done. You can now view the transaction on the block explorer. The new SXP mainnet coins will arrive in your wallet within 30-minutes after receiving the required amount of confirmations. 12