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Hardware Requirements

A Relay Node is a full node in the Solar network; it maintains a complete copy of the ledger (blockchain). These nodes serve as Public API endpoint, use an internal service discovery mechanism to locate other nodes and keep each other in sync.

NodeJS 18

Relay Specification Minimum Recommended
CPUs 2 4
HDD 80GB 100GB - 120GB

Supported OS Release Version(s)
Ubuntu 18.10 / 20.x / 22.x

Ubuntu 18.04 and older are no longer supported.

SXP Nodes execute many query intensive operations. The most cost-effective approach for running a high-performance node is choosing SSD over HDD. Increasing the total RAM improves cache performance.

Configuration Requirements

  • Stable internet connection
  • Access to multiple open ports (actual ports may be configured)
Service Port Required Enabled by default Documentation
p2p 6001 reference
public API 6003 reference
webhook 6004 reference
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